What We Do and How Number One ent. follows a multi-step process to ensure that client goals are met and that the campaign is optimized based on these goals and the target audience(s).


Social Media Marketing

We live in a digital age where people share both their personal and professional lives with each other through social networks and online communities. Marketing through these avenues is a delicate process where trust, transparency and honesty are key. Social media marketing is a conversational medium based around a targeted group of people most likely to embrace your music and ultimately tell others. This is accomplished by engaging with the fans in a way that is comfortable for that specific niche group. Some of the methods we use include: addressing questions & concerns, compiling feedback, uploading video content, distributing artist/band news and providing special access or exclusive content to artist/band loyalists.

Digital Publicity

Our digital publicity specialists work directly with online media outlets to create awareness through editorial coverage. This includes communication with website editors and journalists, fan site moderators and influential bloggers — essential for reaching fans who may not actively participate in social media forums. These trusted gatekeepers effectively distribute messages to their dedicated readers.

Viral Marketing

Number One ent.'s below the line marketing efforts uniquely help clients tap into a specific audience, effectively communicate, and provide smart and creative ways to grab their attention. At Number One ent. we roll up our sleeves and jump into online communities across the Web - as the FAN (or target audience). We literally communicate with the fans directly, gather feedback, and introduce your promotion, event, etc. to them.

Promotions & Contests

Looking to align with the best? Trying to grow your fanbase? Want to reach your audience creatively? Number One ent.'s Promotions Department is constantly ready to launch our next big turnkey promotion. In addition to the millions of impressions made by each contest, all partners can benefit by sharing the opt-in data at the close of the contest.


Number One ent. has been creating digital teams for years, communicating directly with existing audiences, and encouraging them to create a buzz. Our highly trained team leaders motivate, listen, and teach today's youth to post on boards and blogs, virally send special offers, and post music reviews across the web.

Social Network Account Promotion

We suggest the ideal social media strategy for each campaign and the best social networks to host content about you and your music. First we strategize the development of social media tools readily adopted by fans in a artist/band’s target demographic. Then we develop content that distributes artist/band messaging and encourages audience interaction. We create an environment to harness and activate artist/band evangelists, thus adding credibility to your message. Our experts will guide you to the best ones for your music and we’ll help you build, grow and maintain your presences within the space.

Social Marketing

With millions of unique users, Social networks have become the necessary target for any serious artist, band, website or business looking to market themselves online.
How does one reach their target audience without being drowned out?
It takes serious planning to establish the right presence and message followed by a strategy to properly reach your audience in a way that will bring them to your fan page and join your community as a friend.

We market the fan page through our E-Team, Network of social profiles and partners, Social groups, classifieds & forums as well as through direct invites of friends that would be interested in your music.
Our MASSIVE NETWORK allows our promotions to be carried out in a very fast and efficient manner, and also be extremely well targeted.

Depending on your own goals, we can develop a targeted online campaign with either a local, national or multi-national focus. We develop a campaign that targets the most appropriate outlets for your music.

Release Marketing

If you have a new record out and you need some hands on the internet to help spread the word, Number One ent. can help with that as well. Get out materials to as many online markets as possible and as fast as possible, with a big assistance from our e-team. All you have to do is get us your promotional materials, and we distribute them!

If you are interested in any or all of the above programs, please get in touch with us. We can discuss what you are trying to do, and then come up with the best possible campaign that fits. contact us  [Serious Inquires Only]